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New Release – Feng Shui Phoenix 1 oz Silver Coin

NZ Mint is pleased to release the latest collectible coin in the Feng Shui series - the Phoenix 1 oz Silver Coin. Legend tells that the Phoenix was a supernatural creature. Every five hundred years it returned to its birthplace where it died and was reborn, rising from the ashes to live again. In Feng Shui, the Phoenix as Queen of all birds represents Yin or female energies. It may evoke images of resilience, strength, and transformation, as the Phoenix is able to rise from its own ashes to reach greater heights. This stunning new Feng Shui - Phoenix coin features the moment of rebirth, as the transformed Phoenix rises up into the air. Around the bird, auspicious Peony flowers are engraved against a proof quality polished background.This beautifully designed coin is presented in a stylish and ornate lacquered box and has a limited mintage of 5,000 coins.

You can view the Feng Shui - Phoenix 1 oz Silver Coin here.

Feng Shui - Phoenix Silver Coin - NZ Mint


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New Release -Daisy Duck 75th Anniversary Coins

Today we are pleased to unveil the third coins in our Disney Classics Collection, with the release of Daisy Duck 75th Anniversary in Silver 1 Oz and Gold ¼ Oz.

The first two releases, Steamboat Willie in May 2014, and Donald Duck 80th Anniversary in August 2014, were phenomenal successes. In particular the two Gold ¼ Oz releases, which have the honour of being the two fastest selling coins ever on our website. For every release, we ensure that we reserve an allocation of stock for our web customers, and then the remainder goes to our international wholesale customer network. We were amazed when we released Steamboat Willie that the entire web allocation of Gold coins sold in 33 minutes. Even more surprised when we released the follow up, Donald Duck 80th, and saw that the web allocation was gone in just 8 minutes.

Please don’t delay. We have reserved a little more stock of the new Daisy Duck 75th Anniversary coins for our web customers, but I do expect that demand will outstrip our ability to supply again.

Also note, these coins will be shipping from the week of June 7th and we will fulfil orders in the order in which we receive them.

Disney Classics Collection - Daisy Duck 75th Anniversary Coins


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RMS Lusitania 1oz Silver Coin

We are pleased to announce the release of the RMS Lusitania 1oz Silver Coin to commemorate the tragic sinking of the famous British ocean liner on May 7th, 1915. This beautifully designed coin features an engraved illustration of RMS Lusitania steaming across the Atlantic, with the peeriscope of U-20 appearing in the foreground just moments before her fateful sinking. There is a limited mintage of 1,915 coins.

Thunderbird 4 Silver Coin - NZ Mint

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Thunderbird 4 Silver Coin

We are pleased to announce the release of the Thunderbird 4 Silver Coin featuring the adventurous and sporty Gordon Tracey and his underwater-rescue vehicle. This is the second coin to be released in the Thunderbirds coloured silver coin collection and follows on from the previously released Thunderbird 5 - 1 oz Silver coin in April. The countdown continues towards Thunderbird 3... stay tuned!

Thunderbird 4 Silver Coin - NZ Mint

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Disney Princess Ariel Coins

We are pleased to bring you Disney Princess Ariel - Limited Edition 1 oz Silver coin and 1/4 oz Gold coin. These stunning Gold and Silver coins feature Ariel, the courageous and gentle, red-haired Little Mermaid, set against a proof quality background surrounded by relief engraved flowers that are unique to her character. The third release in our highly collectible Disney Princess Coin Collection is a beauty for all Disney fans to add to their collection. Stay tuned to find out who our next Disney Princess will be!

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