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Celebrating decades of iconic Mickey Mouse moments

New Disney coin collection celebrates Mickey Through the Ages

Mickey Through the Ages Coin Collection - NZ Mint

NZ Mint is excited to bring you the first release in the Mickey Through the Ages coin collection. This new, two year programme is scheduled to have eight releases. The collection will celebrate the much-loved Disney character Mickey Mouse and his cartoon career through the decades.

This first release of classic engraved coins feature an iconic image of Mickey Mouse as he appeared in the animated short film "The Band Concert" (1935), which was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon ever released in colour. The film tells of Mickey, a frustrated bandleader, who must deal with the obnoxious flute playing concessions vendor - Donald Duck - as well as a cyclone!

All coin releases will be presented in attractive, themed packaging and available in silver or gold:
1 oz silver
1 oz gold
1/4 oz gold
0.5 gram gold

These officially licensed, Disney coins are bound to be popular. Start your collection today!

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New Great Migrations coin collection features beautiful scenes from animal migrations

This new Great Migrations coin collection presents scenes of some of the most impressive migrations in the animal kingdom. This stunning first release Zebra 1 oz Silver Coin  features a zeal of Zebras during their great annual Serengeti migration, covering vast distance of around 2,900 km (1800 miles). The coins in this collection have a limited mintage of 3,000 coins.

Zebra 1 oz Silver Coin

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King Cobra stunning on new Kings of the Continents coin

The King Cobra is the third animal to feature in our “Kings of the Continents” coin collection, which portrays some of the most dominant and revered animals on each continent. This impactful 1 oz coin shows a venomous King Cobra rearing up to strike its prey against a remote wilderness backdrop in Southeast Asia. This coin has a limited mintage of 5,000 coins. View this stunning coin here.

Kings of the Continents Coin Collection - NZ Mint

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Princess Mulan image featured on new Disney collectible coins

Mulan struggles to assume the traditional role of a Chinese woman in order to please her parents, but her cheerful nature and bold spirit get in the way. When China is invaded, Mulan disguises herself as a man to join the army in her father’s place. Despite being helped by new friends, Mulan’s extraordinary actions were discovered and led to her eventual banishment. When all seems lost, Mulan’s determination, grace and heart lead her to fight against all odds, defeating the dreadful Hun invaders, and bringing honour to her family. Based on an ancient Chinese folktale, Mulan was Disney’s 36th full-length animated feature film. As preparation, a core group of Disney creatives spent 3 weeks in China to channel its unique culture and style into the film.

NZ Mint has released 2 new Disney Princess coins – Mulan 1 oz Silver coin and Mulan 1/4 oz Gold coin in unique themed packaging which any Disney fan or coin collector is sure to enjoy – see these stunning coins here.

Disney Princess Collectible Coins - NZ Mint

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