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Traders Betting Russia’s Next Move Will Be to Sell Gold

Russia’s surprise interest-rate increase failed to stop the plummeting ruble. Another tool available to repair economic havoc caused by sanctions and falling oil prices: selling gold.


Bullion Price Movement

Spot Prices as of close of trading in New York

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Have gold and silver really bottomed this time?

At the recent Mines & Money conference and exhibition In London there was a perhaps surprisingly upbeat feel given the poor performance of metals prices over the preceding two to three years.


Gold Advances After Biggest Drop This Year As Fed Begins Meeting

Gold futures capped the longest slump in five weeks amid concern that the Federal Reserve is moving closer to raising U.S. interest rates and speculation that Russia will sell reserves of the metal.


Stop Worrying and Love the Gold

Bullion Baron had an excellent post out last Monday on how cash is not some bedrock asset without risk, based on a Barry Ritholtz statement that it is a huge investment mistake to hold an asset which you can never envisage selling. On the assumption you've read the post including comments by Cullen Roche and Kid Dynamite, here are some thoughts.