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Gold price to follow macro factors; event risk up ahead

Gold price broke its five-day losing streak to close higher on Monday and prices continue to make gains into Tuesday’s Asian trade. With major events such as today’s FOMC meeting and the Scottish independence referendum on Thursday, markets are poised for headwinds to hit the currency markets and influence precious metals performance as well.


Despite obvious benefits, gold still misunderstood

While western investors seem united in their dislike for physical gold, eastern nations embrace the advantages of ownership, says Simon Mikhailovich.


Bullion Price Movement

Spot Prices as of close of trading in New York

Tuesday, September 16, 2014



Anxious Scottish investors buying gold

Gold-buying by Scots shows 'dramatic increase' in the run-up to the referendum, according to the biggest online bullion market

Heavy Gold And Silver Futures Shorting Is Actually Very Bullish


  • Gold and silver were hammered by heavy shorting by U.S. futures speculators over the past month.
  • These elite traders have been extremely bearish on gold since its major lows in mid-2013, but they are actually a strong contrarian indicator.
  • Every time their hyper-leveraged short-side bets soar up near extremes, gold is bottoming and ready to surge in a frenzied short-covering rally.