1oz Gold Fiji Taku Coin

Weight1 Troy oz

About the Coin

The Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata bissa), or locally named Taku, is one of two main turtle species of the South Pacific island nation of Fiji. Although they have a wide distribution throughout the worlds’ tropical regions, Hawksbill turtles are considered critically endangered due to human fishing practices. Taku grow up to a metre in length and a weight of 80kg, although the heaviest on record weighed 127kg.

The Gold Fiji Taku is a new coin, and an extension of the Silver Taku coin series already produced by New Zealand Mint.

The obverse of the coin features the Fijian Coat of Arms, Year of Issue, and Denomination.

The reverse features a Taku with a stylized shell pattern, and her baby swimming through the waters of the Pacific Ocean along with an engraved heading, the coins’ metal quality and weight.