Custom minting


  • New Zealand Mint was initially established in early 1940’s.
  • In 1967 New Zealand Mint became a minter of coins and today is the only precious metal mint operating in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand Mint Bullion Exchange provides services for investors in New Zealand and globally to buy and sell bullion products.
  • New Zealand Mint commemorative coins provides design, production and marketing of the highest quality limited edition commemorative coins for sale internationally.
  • New Zealand Mint commemorative coins are designed and produced for European Banks, Corporations, Distributors and Collectors globally. The Coins are ‘legal tender’ with New Zealand Mint representing many Pacific Island countries in the management of their effigy rights.
  • New Zealand Mint’s Private Minting Services are designed for the most significant and exclusive commemorative events. From design to production of ‘pure’ gold and silver commemorative coins and other quality memorabilia.