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Doctor Who Monsters - Complete Coin series out now!


Doctor Who Fans will be happy to see the final Doctor Who Monsters coin complete the series, with the release of the Doctor Who Monsters Sontarans 1 oz Silver coin on June 3rd, 2104. 

Click here to view the full range of Official BBC Licenced Limited Mintage Doctor Who Coins by NZMint

NZ Mint to produce Disney-themed coins

In a global first, New Zealand Mint has announced a series of gold and silver commemorative coins featuring some of Disney's most recognised and cherished characters.

The Auckland-based gold bullion dealer and collectable coin maker will mint the coins for two years.

NZ Mint releases Doctor Who Monsters

Doctor Who fans, keep your eyes open: The Daleks are on their way to Earth. But you won’t need the Time Lords to protect you from these alien visitors.


New Zealand Mint has released the newest coins in its popular Doctor Who series. A limited number of 5,000 Dalek collectable coins are now on sale on the NZ Mint web site, They will be closely followed by the Weeping Angels, the Cybermen, the Silurians and the Sontarans.

NZ Mint Lunar Year of the Horse


其實送對禮也是一種美德。但是我們常常為不知道到底什麽樣的禮物才合適而煩惱。什麽樣的禮物才是好的禮物?1. 不要太昂貴; 2. 不要看上去很廉價; 3. 最好能長久保留; 4. 能有一定的含義; 5. 讓人賞心悅目。




Making millions from coins

Despite New Zealand's lacklustre appetite for commemorative coins, one Kiwi company is making a mint from exporting these overseas...