Pitcairn Brilliant Uncirculated Currency Set 2010

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$53.58 indicative pricing
MetalCopper Plated Bronze
Year of Issue2010

About the Design


The Story of the Pitcairn Islands is wedded to the story of the H.M.A.V. Bounty, a ship made famous due to its historic mutiny. Relics of the ship have survived to become icons of the island.

New Zealand Mint takes great pleasure in issuing a second coin collection bearing these historic relics, with the endorsement of the Office of the Commissioner for the Pitcairn Islands.


Key Features:

• The second Brilliant Uncirculated coin set from the Pitcairn Islands

• Limited to 20,000 sets only

• Includes a limited edition $2 coin featuring the H.M.A.V. Bounty which will only be minted for the year 2010



Reverse Design Denomination Alloy Diameter Mass Edge Treatment
Anchor 5 Cents Copper Plated Bronze 19.0mm 4.30g Plain
Bell 10 Cents Copper Plated Bronze 22.0mm 5.80g Milled
Bible 20 Cents Nickel Plated Bronze 25.0mm 7.30g Plain
Long Boat 50 Cents Nickel Plated Bronze 28.0mm 9.30g Milled
Cannon 1 Dollar Brass Plated Bronze 32.0mm 17.3g Milled
H.M.A.V Bounty 2 Dollar Brass Plated Bronze 35.0mm 20.5g Milled