Thunderbird 2, 1 oz Silver Coin

Following on from the officially licensed Thunderbirds 50 Years AnniversaryThunderbird 5Thunderbird 4 and Thunderbird 3 coins, New Zealand Mint are thrilled to add the Thunderbird 2 Silver coin to the collection.

Thunderbirds were a 1960’s British television sci-fi hit, using puppets and special effects to follow the exploits of the International Rescue, a secret organisation established to save people who are in mortal danger. Set in 2065 the futuristic heroes are ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, his family and their fleet of technologically advanced land, sea, air and space rescue vehicles launched from a secret island to battle against the forces of evil.

The Thunderbird 2, 1 oz silver coin features gifted artist and pianist Virgil Tracy and his equipment freight vehicle Thunderbird 2, set against an engraved background. The coin release is timed to coincide with an exciting part-CGI television remake, which begun its broadcasting in April 2015, 50 years after the original.

Check out the Thunderbird 2 silver coin here.


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