New Release - Thunderbird 1 & Special Offer

We are thrilled to announce the release of the final coin in the Thunderbirds collection to complete the set.

The Thunderbird 1, 1 oz Fine Silver Coin is the final release in the Thunderbird Countdown and follows the previously released  Thunderbirds 50 Years Anniversary,  Thunderbird 5,  Thunderbird 4,  Thunderbird 3 and  Thunderbird 2 coins.

Thunderbirds were a 1960’s British television sci-fi hit, using puppets and special effects to follow the exploits of the International Rescue, a secret organisation established to save people who are in mortal danger. Set in 2065 the futuristic heroes are ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, his family and their fleet of technologically advanced land, sea, air and space rescue vehicles launched from a secret island to battle against the forces of evil.

Featuring the smart and daring Scott Tracy and his fast turbo-boosted vehicle Thunderbird 1 set against an engraved background, this coin is an impressive finale to the series.

Complete or add to your Thunderbirds collection with this limited mintage Thunderbird 1 or receive the entire collection as the ultimate gift for Thunderbird fans and coin collectors, available here.

Thunderbird Coin Collection - NZ Mint


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