D23 Disney Expo Report - Day One

Day one was pretty busy, with the crowds queuing for hours to get into the prime attractions- the Disney DreamStore and the wonderful Disney Archives Collection of paraphernalia from over 90 years of Disney inventiveness.

Trade was brisk with a lot of interest in the Scrooge D23 Limited Edition One Ounce Silver Coin our largest seller, closely followed by Ariel 1 Oz Silver, and Crazy in Love 1 Oz Silver. Famous faces in the crown with Johnny Depp in attendance and George Lucas being inducted into the Disney Hall of Fame today.

Day two has dawned hot. The show is a sellout today, with the line of hundreds of fans outside already formed. The first ones started lining up at 5:30am for a 10:00am kickoff. Another busy day for the NZ Mint team, but we awoke this morning to the great All Black result from home overnight, and we are set for another big day. Stay tuned on Facebook for our regular updates on the D23 Expo.

Disney D23 Expo Image


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