New Release - Forgotten Cities Angkor Silver Coin

New Zealand Mint is pleased to introduce the third release in the Forgotten Cities coin collection. The ruins of the forgotten city of Angkor are located near modern-day Siem Reap , hidden deep in the forests of northern Cambodia. The story starts in the 9th century, when two states in what is now modern day Cambodia were united forming the Khmer Empire. In 1113 a phase of building commenced which included the great temple of Angkor Wat, built over the course of 30 years. Times of conflict followed and as decades passed, the world’s largest pre-industrial city was slowly abandoned and overgrown. 

The Forgotten Cities- Angkor 1 oz Silver Coin captures the air of mystery of the forgotten city of Angkor and is packaged in an impressive explorer-themed travel journal coin case, which holds the clue to the next coin release in this series; Find the Longitude and Latitude of the next Forgotten Cities release within the packaging!  The Certificate of Authenticity is incorporated within the packaging.

This classic-styled engraved coin would appeal to those who have interests in historical culture and travel or enjoy traditional coin collecting. You can view more information on this beautiful silver coin here.

Forgotten Cities Coin Collection - NZ Mint


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