New Lunar Gilded Silver Coin - Year of the Monkey 2016

New Zealand Mint has released this beautiful Lunar - Year of the Monkey 2016, 1 oz Gilded Silver coin featuring a relief engraved Monkey of a contemporary style, set against a detailed background illustrating the global community of cultures in which we live. To the left of the design, the gilded Chinese character for Monkey is set against a proof quality background.

The coin is beautifully presented inside an oval, golden ingot case. This sits inside an exquisite, gold toned outer pack. A Certificate of Authenticity is supplied inside a red envelope within the ingot case. 

Those born in the Year of the Monkey are highly intelligent, have a positive sense of humour and a magnetic personality, which leads to them being prosperous individuals.

Lunar Years of the Monkey:
1920  1932  1944  1956  1968  1980  1992  2004  2016

This lovely engraved Gilded Silver Coin has a limited worldwide mintage of 10,000 coins only. You can see the coin in detail here.

Lunar Collectible Coins - NZ Mint


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