Rise from the Ashes with the new Feng Shui Phoenix Gold Coin

The Feng Shui Phoenix ¼ oz Fine Gold coin is the fifth release in the popular Feng Shui coin collection.

Legend tells that the Phoenix was a supernatural creature. Every five hundred years it returned to its birthplace where it died and was reborn, rising from the ashes to live again. In Feng Shui, the Phoenix as Queen of all birds represents Yin or female energies. It may evoke images of resilience, strength, and transformation, as the Phoenix is able to rise from its own ashes to reach greater heights. The powerful energies of the Phoenix will bring strength and positive transformation into your life, according to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui.

This stunning new Feng Shui Phoenix Gold Coin features the moment of rebirth, as the transformed Phoenix rises up into the air. Around the bird, auspicious Peony flowers are engraved against a proof quality polished background. The coin and certificate of authenticity is displayed inside a classic wooden inner coin case, which sits inside an elegant outer box. There is a limited worldwide mintage of only 888 coins. See this beautiful gold coin in all its glory here.

Feng Shui Collectible Coins - NZ Mint


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