Disney Princess Rapunzel dazzles on collectible coins

Introducing Rapunzel, the spirited and resourceful princess known for her magical, long hair. Rapunzel is the eighth officially Licensed Disney Princess coin release from New Zealand Mint following Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White and Tiana. These beautiful fine silver and gold coins feature an image Rapunzel in full colour, playfully twirling her golden locks with her fingers, set in front of relief engraved flowers.

Raised in a lonely tower, Rapunzel has no idea that she is the kingdom’s secret princess, or that Mother Gothel only cares about the healing magic in her long hair. When Rapunzel meets the rascally ruffian, Flynn Rider, she dares to leave her tower and journey to see the floating lanterns. Along the way, she finds true love with Flynn, and more importantly, untangles the truth about who she is. Rapunzel is so eager to see the floating lights that she makes a bargain with Flynn Rider, a handsome stranger. Little does she realise that she will not only find the lights – she will find true love.

See these beautiful proof quality coins here.

Disney Princess Collectible Coins - NZ Mint


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