Powerful Minotaur now in Creatures of Greek Mythology

The Creatures of Greek Mythology is a fantasy-themed coin collection featuring engraved illustrations of dramatic mythical creatures. The third in this coin series by New Zealand Mint the terrifying Minotaur 1 oz Silver CoinThis stnning coin shows an engraved illustration of the mythical creature inside his labyrinth. The Minotaur was a mythical creature with the head and tail of a bull, on the body of a man. Legend tells that King Minos asked the God Poseidon to send him a sign of approval. A beautiful white bull rose from the sea, but when Minos saw it, he coveted the animal and sacrificed another instead. Upon learning of this, Poseidon made the wife of Minos fall in love with the bull. Their offspring was a monster called the Minotaur. The creature caused such terror that he was locked away inside a vast labyrinth. See this coin in all it's glory here.

Creatures of Greek Mythology Coin Collection - NZ Mint


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