Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of DUMBO

These Disney Classics - Dumbo 1 oz Silver and 1/4 oz Gold Coins celebrate the 75th anniversary of the classic Disney animated film Dumbo, released on October 23, 1941. The story focuses around an endearing baby elephant with giant floppy ears, and has become one of Disney’s all-time classics.

This charming film tells the charming tale of a baby elephant who is delivered by a stork to the circus. The newly-delivered infant appears to be very cute, until he sneezes, and his large ears are revealed. Dumbo and his mother are teased by the other circus animals and visiting children. However, humiliation turns to triumph, as Dumbo is surprised to discover through his faithful friend Timothy Q. Mouse that he can in fact use his oversized ears to fly. Check out these gorgeous coins here.

Disney Classic Collection - NZ Mint


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