Iconic Illustration of Alice at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

This film is an animated version of Lewis Carroll’s famous story of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". The adventures begin when Alice daydreams as her sister gives a history lesson in the garden. In her dream Alice follows a white rabbit, tumbling down its rabbit hole into a fantastic and exciting world. Meeting a range of creatures such as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the wonderful Mad Hatter, and fearsome Queen of Hearts with her army of playing cards, Alice experiences the most unexpected adventures. Finally, the confusion of this magnificent world all becomes too much, waking Alice from her dream.

New Zealand Mint has released 1 oz Silver and 1/4 oz Gold fully engraved coins featuring a famous scene of Alice at a tea party, with the eccentric Mad Hatter pouring her tea.  The words “65th Anniversary” are engraved on a banner beneath. View these stunning coins here.

Disney Classic Collection - NZ Mint


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