New "Mickey Through the Ages" coins released today!

This sixth release in the "Mickey Through the Ages" coin collection celebrates Mickey Mouse as he appeared in the hilarious 1947 Disney animation Mickey's Delayed Date. The coins, struck in pure silver or gold, show an image of Mickey Mouse in a tux running late for his date with Minnie Mouse.

About Mickey's Delayed Date:

Disney's Mickey's Delayed Date was released on 3 October 1947. It was one of the last cartoons to feature Walt Disney as the voice of Mickey Mouse.

In this story Minnie Mouse angrily phones Mickey from a party to remind him about their date, which he has forgotten. With the aid of Pluto, he gets dressed in his tux - but unwittingly leaves the tickets behind. Fortunately, Pluto runs after Mickey with them, but on the way they tangle with a trash can. Minnie sees Mickey with his torn clothes, but to Mickey's amazement she is not mad and tells him he has a “cute costume” for the “hard times” costume party.

Interestingly, after Mickey Mouse's gloves became a mainstay in 1929, this is one of the few chances to see a gloveless Mickey Mouse, frantically clasping a towel and skidding on the soap after his emergence from the shower.

These Mickey Mouse – Mickey's Delayed Date 1oz silver & gold coins come presented in a high-quality wooden inner coin case and themed outer packaging featuring Disney's Mickey Mouse and Pluto as they appear in the film. While the 0.5gram gold coin comes presented on an attractive, printed card.

Mickey's Delayed Date 1oz Silver Coin  Mickey's Delayed Date 0.5g Gold Coin  Mickey's Delayed Date 1oz Gold Coin  Mickey's Delayed Date 1/4oz Gold Coin

All our "Mickey Through the Ages" coins have a limited worldwide mintage, so don't take an age to get yours!

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