Celebrating the First Disney Cartoon to be Made in Colour

Today we have added another unique, Disney Poster rectangular coin to our Disney collectible coin range. This coin features Flowers and Trees (1932) and celebrates the first Disney cartoon to be made in colour. And, you may not know this, also the first cartoon to receive an Academy Award® and the first Disney short to feature an all-classical musical score!

In 1916, the two-colour process for Technicolor was developed by Kalmus, Comstock & Westcott, Inc., but it wasn't until 1932 that the three-color process gave the ability to produce true and realistic colours in film. Dr. Herbert Kalmus was faced with the challenge of convincing the studios that Technicolor was a good idea. Knowing that Walt Disney was a fan of the three-color process, Dr. Kalmus convinced Walt of its potential, and soon after, Walt signed a two year agreement with Technicolor, giving him sole rights to the process for animated shorts, certainly making the other cartoon producers green with envy. At that time, during the production of Disney's 29th Silly Symphony, Flowers and Trees, Walt Disney decided it was the perfect film to branch out into the world of colour, so at great cost all work was scrapped and the film was redone, helping set the roots for the future of animation.

The Flowers and Trees 1oz Silver Coin comes presented in a clever perspex holder, designed to frame the coin and allow for easy display. The Certificate of Authenticity sits within the packaging, and both items have been designed to complement the coin. This makes it a great purchase for any Disney fan or coin collector.

With a limited worldwide mintage of 10,000 coins, be quick to celebrate a ground-breaking achievement by Disney!

Flowers and Trees 1oz Silver Coin

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