Celebrating Mickey Mouse’s strangest adversaries!

Disney's Mickey Mouse has had many adversaries over the years, but maybe none quite as strange as the ones he encounters in Disney's The Little Whirlwind, an animated short from 1941. In this cartoon Mickey is enticed by the aroma of a cake Minnie Mouse is baking. Promised a slice if he cleans her yard, Mickey starts raking up leaves, but is frustrated by the arrival of a baby whirlwind. He eventually chases it away but Mama Whirlwind, unamused by Mickey tormenting her offspring, arrives and pursues Mickey — destroying the yard and the countryside in the process. Mama Whirlwind and her offspring are most entertaining adversaries. It is a credit to the animators that they managed to give two tornadoes genuine personalities, but somehow they did!

Our four new silver and gold coins form part of the ever-popular "Mickey Through the Ages" coin collection, which celebrates Mickey Mouse and his cartoon career through the decades. Each coin features a memorable image of Mickey Mouse raking leaves, as seen on the poster for The Little Whirlwind. Now you too can own your own piece of Mickey Mouse history!

All the 1oz silver, gold and 1/4oz gold coins come presented in a high-quality wooden inner coin case and themed outer packaging. While the 0.5gram gold coin comes presented on an attractively themed card. With a limited worldwide mintage on all coins, don't take an age to get yours!

Little Whirlwind 1oz Silver Coin Little Whirlwind 0.5g Gold Coin Little Whirlwind 1/4oz Gold Coin Little Whirlwind 1oz Gold Coin

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