Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Disney's Bambi

NZ Mint is excited to confirm the release of two new coins to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Disney's animated feature film Bambi. Both the 1oz silver coin and 1/4oz gold coin feature a delightful, classic engraved image of Bambi with his forest friends Thumper and Flower.

Bambi was Disney's fifth animated feature film and had its world premiere in London on 8 August, 1942.

With its mere 900 words of dialogue, the film tells the story of a fawn, Bambi, growing up with his friends — a lovable rabbit called Thumper, a bashful skunk named Flower and his future mate, Faline — to become the Great Prince of the Forest. Along the way he learns valuable lessons about love, loss, and life.

The story was different from anything else the Studio had ever attempted. It was more serious, and all the characters were animals. In talking about the film Walt explained "I wanted those animal characters in Bambi to be actors, not just cute things. I wanted acting on a plane with the highest acting in the finest live-action pictures." Creating realistic animals of that calibre was but one challenge.

In striving for realism, the artists heard lectures from animal experts, made field trips to the Los Angeles Zoo, watched specially filmed nature footage shot in the forests of Maine, and even studied the movements of two fawns that were donated to the Studio.

The meticulous work was time-consuming, including the care to see that the spots on the fawn's back remained constant which meant fewer drawings could be finished in a day. The film moved exceedingly slowly through the production process, but Walt was delighted with the results he was seeing. "Fellas, this stuff is pure gold," he told the animators. Indeed it proved to be an enduring, endearing and moving Disney classic.

Both coins come presented in a high-quality wooden inner coin case and themed outer box, which features a charming image of Bambi amongst the forest flora on the outside and motifs from the movie on the inside. The individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity is also themed and sits within the coin case.

With only 10,000 silver coins and 1,000 gold coins available, you will need to get in quick to secure yours!

Bambi 75th Anniversary Silver Collectible CoinBambi 75th Anniversary Gold Collectible Coin

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