Get your piece of naval history - Battle of Trafalgar 1oz Silver Coin launches today

The Battle of Trafalgar 1oz Silver Coin is the third coin to be released in our growing collection - Battles That Changed History – that highlight legendary battles that changed the course of history.

The battle took place off Cape Trafalgar on 21 October, 1805. Its outcome ensured that the French would never invade Britain and confirmed Britain's naval supremacy — which lasted for another century.

The innovative coin design features a coloured illustration of the commander of the British fleet, Admiral Lord Nelson. He stands against an antique, engraved background featuring ships engaged in fierce battle.

Even though Nelson's fleet employed 5 fewer ships, in a change from usual naval tactics, his plan to split into two columns to break through the enemy line and overwhelm the centre and rear sections of the enemy's fleet ensured a decisive victory.

The coin sits within the black velvet interior of an antique-looking timber coin case, which also houses the complementary Certificate of Authenticity. This case is protected by a themed outer box which features a black line art illustration of the battle imposed over an antiqued paper texture.

With a limited mintage of 5,000 coins – don't wait to own your piece of history!

Battle of Trafalgar - 1oz Silver Collectible Coin

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