Mickey Mouse + Minnie Mouse = Disney Love 2018

Following the success of the previous year's Disney Love coins, we are thrilled to bring to market a unique new coin for 2018.

This Disney Love – 1oz Silver Coin design features a delightful black and white illustration of sweethearts Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse forming a love heart together. They stand in front of the word "love" which is engraved against a striking red background. But, instead of the usual round coin we have gone one step further and created a unique heart-shaped coin!

Not only that, but Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse's enduring romance inspired us to create gift style packaging that allows everyone to make their own declaration of love! Inside the love themed packaging you will find a removable "Ticket to my Heart" which you can personalise with a message for your loved one.

They say true love waits but, with a mintage of only 10,000 coins, don't you wait to get this one.

Disney Love 2018 1oz Silver Coin

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