Much-loved Warriors of History coin collection continues with the formidable Huns

For this tenth release in the expanding Warriors of History coin collection we have chosen to feature the terrifying Huns. This Warriors of History – Huns 1oz Silver Coin features a coloured illustration of a Hun dressed to fight. He stands against an antique-finished, engraved background featuring Huns charging into combat.

Under Attila (circa 406-453 AD) the Huns became the most powerful, and most feared, military force in Europe and brought death and devastation wherever they went.

They were expert horsemen, described as seeming to be one with their steeds. Westerners who first made contact with the Huns reported that they were centaurs! They seemed to have been bred for mounted warfare and no weapon was more important to them than the Hunnic bow -which could shoot arrows at much greater distances than any Roman or European bow. Warfare on horseback made the Huns faster and more manoeuvrable than their enemies.

The Huns were also known to use lassos to dismount or entangle an enemy, or to drag him until he strangled to death. Lassos could also be used to capture the enemy alive in order to be ransomed later or sold into slavery.

In a typical attack, the Huns appeared as if from out of nowhere. They would stealthily approach their enemy until they were within range. Then, one flank would fire their arrows at high angles to cause the defenders to raise their shields. When this occurred, another flank would fire their arrows directly into the enemy lines. Once the Huns had inflicted sufficient casualties, they would move in and engage in hand to hand combat with any survivors using spears, swords, and tomahawks.

After a victory they would pillage the enemy camp or the town, often killing the occupants and burning down the towns. It was stated that a warrior could only keep what he pillaged if he took heads, or slaves. Therefore, they would typically collect enemy heads after a battle.

It is hardly surprising then that the Romans chose to pay off the Huns for peace rather than face them on the field! With a mintage of just 5,000 coins worldwide, don't wait to own your piece of this fascinating warrior history.

Warriors of History - Huns 1oz Silver Coin

Show Now - Huns Silver Coin


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