Remember Space Invaders? Celebrate the 40th Anniversary with a Unique Coin

The release of this Space Invaders coin is timed to coincide with the 40th Anniversary of the game's launch by Taito Corporation in June 1978. The game is considered by many as one of the most influential and successful of all time, reportedly selling over 400,000 arcade cabinets worldwide.

The objective of Space Invaders is for the player to earn as many points as possible by using a laser cannon to shoot aliens and prevent them from "invading".

Designer Tomohiro Nishikado was in charge of planning, graphic design, and programming for the game. It took a year to develop, with Nishikado having to create both custom hardware and software.

In spite of his efforts, Nishikado couldn’t program the game exactly as he wanted. The hardware wasn’t powerful enough to display graphics in colour. Originally released in Japan as a cocktail cabinet, colour graphics were simulated by using of a rainbow-colored cellophane overlay. An upright cabinet was subsequently created. The cabinets also included a painted backdrop of a planet surface and a starscape, and cabinet art featuring large humanoid creatures that bore no resemblance to the in-game aliens. Nishikado claims that this was due to the cabinet artist using the game’s original title, Space Monster, as his inspiration.

Since 1978 Space Invaders has been remade on numerous platforms and spawned many sequels. Its introduction paved the way for a generation of shooting games that became extremely popular, revolutionizing the game industry and creating a pop culture icon from the pixelated enemy aliens!

Officially licensed by Taito Corporation, this 1oz pure silver collectible coin incorporates lenticular printing to allow the coloured aliens to move as the coin is rotated at different angles, just like in the actual game! Plus, it’s housed in a box replicating the original arcade cabinet. But hurry, only 3,000 coins are available worldwide.

Space Invaders 40th Anniversary Silver Coin

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