First Ultra High Relief Coin for 2018

For our first Ultra High Relief 2oz silver coin for 2018 we have chosen to feature the wise and powerful Jedi Master Yoda. With only 5,000 available worldwide, half the mintage of our sold out Yoda 1oz silver coin, you will want to place your order today!

With his charming backwards speak, expressive eyes and ears, and playfulness, Yoda has gone on to become an international icon -- possibly even one of the most recognized movie characters of all time.

Though he appears small, frail, and old, Yoda has an extensive knowledge of the Force and is a skilled warrior -- having trained Jedi for over 800 years. Wielding a short green-bladed lightsaber, Yoda can hold his own in combat against rampant Sith opponents. However, he rarely, if ever, draws his lightsaber -- preferring to work in more subtle ways with the Force.

His first appearance was in the 1980 film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. After the defeat of the Jedi, Yoda retreated to the remote swamp planet of Dagobah. While in exile, he delved further into the mysteries of the Force and waited for a new hope of renewal for the Jedi Order.

When Luke Skywalker arrives on Dagobah, Yoda shows us his comic side as he tests Luke to see what kind of person he is. But once Yoda begins to train him in the ways of the Force the comedy evaporates and his lessons are challenging and full of wisdom.

After Luke tries to levitate his X-wing from the Dagobah swamp — and fails — he tells his Master, “You want the impossible.” With that, Yoda calmly raises the starfighter. “I can’t believe it,” says Luke. “That is why you fail,” Yoda replies. It’s a simple yet spellbinding moment that serves to reinforce everything Yoda had been trying to convey to his student.

Like the two coins before it, this Yoda Ultra High Relief 2oz Silver Coin comes in a Star Wars branded coin case. Inside the coin is nestled in black velvet and angled to display the 3D aesthetic -- which is achieved through the Ultra High Relief minting process. The serialised Certificate of Authenticity also sits within the coin case. Kept within a Star Wars themed outer box, it makes a great keepsake for any Yoda fan or Star Wars collector.

Star Wars Yoda UHR 2oz Silver Coin

Star Wars Yoda UHR 2oz Silver Coin - Shop Now


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