Decisive WWII Battle of Midway featured on new coin

Our Battles That Changed History coin collection keeps growing with the introduction of The Battle of Midway 1oz Silver Coin.

Highlighting legendary battles that changed the course of history, this fifth release focuses on the epic battle near Midway Atoll. It features a coloured illustration of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet. He stands against an antique, engraved background featuring the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, naval ships and war planes engaged in battle.

Battle Of Midway
Following the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the Japanese continued to target U.S. Navy carriers in order to eliminate the Navy presence in the Pacific.

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's plan was to attack Midway, capture it and use it as an advance base for Japan's own Pacific operations. He knew the U.S. would defend it with all available resources and hoped to lure their Navy carriers and fleet into a trap. However, Yamamoto's plan had two faults:

  1. Yamamoto believed in the supremacy of the battleship. He failed to realise that an aircraft carrier could deliver a massive blow to the enemy but at a much greater distance than a battleship could. Yamamoto saw the aircraft carrier as supporting the battleship rather than the other way round. His huge battleships were also slower than any other warship he had and the rest of his fleet had to sail at a pace that suited the battleships.
  2. Far more fatal to Yamamoto was the fact that the Americans knew his course of action through the critical work of dedicated code breakers. American cryptographers were secretly able to determine the date and location of the planned attack, enabling the forewarned U.S. Navy to prepare its own ambush.

During the ambush the Imperial Japanese Navy lost half of its carrier force. However, one carrier was left – the Hiryu. This was found and attacked with the same devastating consequences but not before planes from the Hiryu attacked the USS Yorktown and disabled it so badly that the order was given to abandon ship. It was subsequently sunk by torpedoes from a Japanese submarine which managed to penetrate the American fleet.

The Battle of Midway ushered in a new era of carrier-based warfare and an age where aviation and air power would be key. But it also displayed how awe-inspiring it can be when everything comes together at once: aircraft launching from carrier decks as well as land-based runways, ships at sea, submarines beneath the waves–all of it guided strategically by information collected and converted into actionable intelligence. Even years later, the Navy continues to draw from the lessons learned at Midway.

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Battle of Midway 1oz Silver Coin

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