Iconic alien makes an appearance on a Star Wars Classic coins

It had to happen! The eleventh coin design in our Star Wars Classic Collection features the vengeful gangster and grotesque alien Jabba the Hutt™. These limited edition fine gold and silver coins feature the Jabba as he appears in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

About Jabba the Hutt
Jabba was one of the galaxy's most powerful gangsters, with far-reaching influence in both politics and the criminal underworld. There were no second chances with Jabba.

Valuing money and power, he enjoyed showing off just how much he had of both. The Khetanna™, his luxury sail barge, was among the crimelord's most extravagant purchases: a massive transport that carried up to 500 passengers, maintained a crew of 26, and was outfitted with space for live music and entertainment. Indeed, the craft was symbolic of Jabba's hubris and ego, and played a large part in his downfall.

Jabba and his followers used the Khetanna to "visit" Tatooine's Sarlacc pit, where Han Solo™, Luke Skywalker™, and Chewbacca™ were meant to be executed. Things did not go as planned, however. The Rebel Alliance™ heroes turned the tables on their captors. They decimated the gangster's thugs, Jabba was killed by Princess Leia™, and the impressive sail barge was destroyed, exploding in flames above the sands of the desert world.

Each coin comes in high-quality Star Wars branded and stylized packaging – making them a great purchase for any Star Wars fan or coin collector. Add one of the great Star Wars bad guys to your collection today!

Star Wars Jabba the Hutt Gold and Silver Coins


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