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That's because the second and third notes in the Disney Princess Silver Coin Note Collection have been released, and they could be yours!

The elegant Princess Aurora, otherwise known as the cheerful, kind and gentle peasant girl Briar Rose, appeared in Disney's 16th animated feature, Sleeping Beauty (1959). The film reminds us that "true love conquers all" with the simple story of the Princess who is cursed to die before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel. Despite the attempts of three good fairies the curse can only be weakened and Aurora falls into a deep, enchanted sleep instead. It is only when Prince Phillip finds the Sleeping Beauty that she is finally awakened by true love's kiss. Based upon the Charles Perrault's The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood, the movie had a budget that exceeded $6 million in 1959, making it Walt Disney’s most lavish and expensive animated feature to date.

The first Disney animated feature to be based on a classic fairy tale in three decades, since Sleeping Beauty, was the famous story by Hans Christian Andersen of "The Little Mermaid". In Disney's version from 1989, the courageous and determined Ariel is the mermaid heroine. Disney artists had considered an animated film of The Little Mermaid in the late 1930s, and illustrator Kay Nielsen prepared a number of striking story sketches in pastels and watercolors. For this film, the artists received inspiration from the Nielsen story sketches and gave Kay Nielsen a "visual development" credit on the film. This film also had more effects than probably any animated film since Fantasia; nearly 80 percent of the film required some kind of effects work—storms at sea, billowing sails, schools of fish, shadows, raging fire, explosions, magic pixie dust, surface reflections, underwater distortions, ripples, and bubbles. Phew!

Each of these beautiful 5g pure silver notes features the Disney Princess in colour, against a background of love hearts and flowers, along with one or more characters from the movie they starred in. The unique number in the mintage is also printed on each note and each is delivered inside a Disney Princess -themed protective sleeve. Details of the coin note's authenticity are printed on the reverse of the sleeve.

The obverse of the silver note features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is legal tender in Niue.

Each of these notes only has a worldwide mintage of 50,000. Dream big, and get yours before they're gone!

Disney Princess - Aurora and Ariel Silver Coin Notes

Disney Princess - Aurora and Ariel Silver Coin Notes


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