Star Wars poster coin collection continues in 2018

We are pleased to announce that our Star Wars poster collection will continue this year. This first coin for 2018 features Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, the first film of the prequel trilogy. Released in May 1999, sixteen years after The Return of the Jedi™, the film was widely anticipated by fans and became a box office success.

This first story in the chronology had to set up characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi™, Anakin Skywalker™, Yoda™, R2-D2™ and C-3PO™ who (we already knew) would become more interesting with the passage of time. Indeed, Anakin is just a fresh-faced young boy in this movie, nothing akin to the menacing Darth Vader™.

And sixteen years on technological advancements meant the film could integrate real characters and digital ones, real landscapes and imaginary places --- the scope of scenes were no longer limited by budgets. Filmmakers could show us just about anything they could imagine. As such, this first film did not disappoint, being nominated for three OSCARS®—Best Visual Effects, Best Sound and Best Sound Effects.

In celebration of the film, this 1oz fine silver collectible coin has been officially licensed by Disney. Its dazzling design incorporates both colour and engraving. The coin is also cleverly presented in a perspex holder designed to frame the coin and allow for easy display. The serialised Certificate of Authenticity sits within the packaging, and both are Star Wars themed to complement the coin. Previous Star Wars poster coins have been in hot demand so don’t miss out on adding this one to your collection!

The Phantom Menace 1oz Silver Coin


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