NEW coin collection launches today Wildlife of Nicaragua

NZ Mint is pleased to bring to market a new coin collection – Wildlife of Nicaragua. The collection is issued by the Central Bank of Nicaragua. Each coin will be struck in 1oz pure silver and highlight fascinating native species from this amazing South American country.

The first release features the elusive Jaguar. A stealthy hunter and creature of immense beauty, the Jaguar is the largest wild cat to be found in Nicaragua. The 'rosettes' on its coat provide excellent camouflage in dense forests. A short, stocky limb structure makes it well adapted to climbing, crawling and swimming — perfect for stalking and ambushing prey. Not only do they swim but, unlike other cats, they also love to play in the water!

They were once presumed to be nocturnal, but recent studies have shown that they are active during the daytime, with high peaks of hunting activity during dawn and dusk. The Jaguar has developed an exceptionally powerful bite, even compared to the other big cats. It has been reported that an individual cat can drag a 360 kilogram animal in its jaws. It pierces the shells of armoured reptiles and employs an unusual killing method, biting directly through the skull of prey between the ears to deliver a fatal blow to the brain.

Unfortunately, Jaguars are an endangered species due to loss of habitat and over-hunting by man, especially for their priceless fur. Hunting of jaguars is currently prohibited in Nicaragua.

The coin design imaginatively combines a striking coloured image of the Jaguar amongst a detailed engraving of its native forest habitat.

All the releases in the collection will be encased in a modern wooden box featuring Nicaragua's Coat of Arms. Inside the coin nestles in cream velvet alongside the numbered Certificate of Authenticity written in both English and Spanish. The outer box design also complements the Nicaraguan wildlife theme.

With sales of only 5,000 coins worldwide – hurry now to get this striking first coin in the series!

Wildlife of Nicaragua - Jaguar 1oz Silver Coin

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