See Captain Kirk in Action in Pure Silver

We are more than excited to reveal that, in partnership with CBS, we have developed the very first Star Trek pure silver miniature. Naturally it features the leader of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, Captain James T. Kirk. A limited-edition, this miniature has a worldwide production of only 1,000 casts!

The figure was designed by 3D master sculptor Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra, who had this to say about designing a unique action figure:

"The process starts with the company sending me their concept pose for the character. I design using 3D modelling software. The software is great, but it doesn’t make you an artist. It is only a tool. You must learn anatomy and movement. It’s also important to continue to improve your drawing, practice different styles, portraits etc., and learn traditional sculpture – only then you will have all the tools you need to create the best character.

I always start with the face and the TPose - the TPose is a standard relaxing pose of the character. I tend to use photo references for their likeness. Once this is approved, I can create the character in the actual pose required. Then, there is usually some discussion between myself and the client before the approved pose is achieved and the final images are ready for production."

Encased in black velvet, the miniature sits snugly inside a high-quality Star Trek branded case – making this striking memento all the more desirable.

The statue itself is made from a minimum of 150g pure silver and stands approx 10cm tall. It is finished with an antique polish. The unique production number is stamped into the base, along with details certifying the purity and CBS copyright. It stands proudly on an additional, quality stand which features a metal plate confirming the name, series number, unique production number and New Zealand Mint authentication.

You could be one of the first to own this incredibly unique Star Trek memento. We expect demand to be high for this one, so set a course at warp speed to get yours!

Captain Kirk 150g Pure Silver Miniature


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