Toothless Giant Anteater Features on New Wildlife of Nicaragua Coin

The third release in our delightful Wildlife of Nicaragua 1oz Silver Coin Collection highlights the Giant Anteater – a unique and fascinating native species from the South American country.

The Giant Anteater is the largest of the three anteater species and can grow up to the size of a German Shepherd. Though they have no teeth, they possess a tubular muzzle which is elongated and houses a long, worm-like tongue, which helps the anteater to reach into small holes where it may find its favourite food – ants and termites.

Unlike other animals, the Giant Anteater find their quarry using their incredible sense of smell. Though they are solitary creatures and aren’t usually aggressive, they can be fierce. A cornered anteater will rear up on its hind legs, using its tail for balance, and lash out with its dangerous claws. The giant anteater's claws are some four inches long, and the animal can fight off even a puma or jaguar.

The coin design artistically incorporates a delightful coloured image of the anteater amongst a detailed engraving of its native forest habitat.

This third release is housed in a modern wooden box featuring Nicaragua's Coat of Arms. The coin can be found inside, nestled in a cream velvet alongside the numbered Certificate of Authenticity written in both English and Spanish. The outer box design is in keeping with the Nicaraguan wildlife theme.

As there are only 5,000 coins available worldwide – add this to your collection now.

Wildlife of Nicaragua - Giant Anteater 1oz Silver Coin

Wildlife of Nicaragua - Giant Anteater 1oz Silver Coin - Shop Now


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