Disney's Beloved Mickey Mouse Celebrates A Milestone 90th Anniversary

We are thrilled to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s milestone 90th Anniversary with the release of stunning and delightful collectibles featuring Disney’s beloved and most iconic star.

Mickey Mouse is one of the world’s oldest and most famous fictional characters. He first made his debut on 18 November 1928 in the black and white animated short, Steamboat Willie. It was one of the first cartoons to ever successfully utilise synchronised sound and was so popular that it was talked about more than the feature film it was meant to complement.

Since his debut in 1928, Mickey has undergone several changes, both visual and vocal, and has appeared in more than 100 cartoon shorts, several TV shows, films, as well as, on thousands of merchandise items.  He has even gone on to act as chief greeter at the Disney theme parks.

To commemorate this momentous occasion and to celebrate 90 Years of Magic, we are excited to introduce two new gold coins, a 2oz Ultra High Relief silver coin, gold and silver coin notes, as well as a beautifully crafted pure silver miniature, the first in our Disney collection.

The Mickey Mouse gold coins come in two varieties, 1oz and ¼ oz, and naturally, features a striking image of Mickey as his debut character in the black and white Disney film, Steamboat Willie in 1928. 

The one of a kind 2oz Ultra High Relief silver coin also features the affable Disney mascot as his character in Steamboat Willie. Using engraving, this captivating 2oz silver coin truly stands-out and captures the magic of Mickey Mouse, befitting his 90th Anniversary.

In addition, charming coloured and engraved images of Mickey throughout his 90 years feature on our newly released gold and silver coin notes. With bright and cheerful images of Mickey through the ages, these coin notes will make a wonderfully affordable precious metal gift for a Disney or Mickey Mouse fan.

Lastly, the first Disney pure silver miniature, designed by 3D master sculptor, Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra, features Mickey in a dynamic pose based on the character’s Steamboat Willie design. Made from a minimum of 150g pure silver, the statue stands approx. 9cm tall and is finished with an antique polish. With only 1000 casts available worldwide, this one will go fast!

Join us in celebrating Mickey Mouse’s monumental milestone with these fantastic Disney and Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary themed collectibles!

Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary MiniatureMickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Silver Coin NoteMickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Gold Coin NoteMickey Mouse 90th Anniversary UHR CoinMickey Mouse 90th Anniversary 1/4oz Gold CoinMickey Mouse 90th Anniversary 1oz Gold Coin


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