A Man or Machine?

Today sees the release of the second silver coin note in our latest Star Trek: The Next Generation Silver Coin Note Collection, featuring one of the most compelling episodes in the second season, The “Measure of a Man”.

In this iconic episode, Lt. Commander Data is ordered to serve under Captain Bruce Maddox, who wishes to disassemble and study him so that more androids can be made for Starfleet's use.

However, after Data learns that Maddox may not be able to reassemble him, he refuses to submit to the procedure. When Captain Picard is unable to have the orders changed, Data's only option is to resign from Starfleet. His decision to resign, however, is challenged by Maddox on the basis that Data is not a person with rights, but property of the Federation.

What ensues is a brilliant legal battle to determine whether androids are considered as sentient beings with similar rights to that of humans, a topic of debate that is well ahead of the series’ time.

This stunning 5g pure silver note features the poster artwork for the episode, from notable artist, Juan Ortiz. The design is further enhanced through the use of engraving and minimal colour printing, which allows the pure silver to shine through. The unique number in the mintage is also printed on each silver note and it is packaged inside a Star Trek-themed protective sleeve. Details of the coin note’s authenticity are printed on the reverse of the sleeve.

It can be displayed in a Star Trek: The Next Generation Collector’s Album, which is included with the purchase of the Encounter at Farpoint, Pt. I Silver Coin Note. The hardcover album features a page for each of the seven notes in the collection. Each page complements the corresponding silver note through the addition of a brief description for each episode featured.

The obverse of the silver note features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is legal tender in Niue.

With only 50,000 available worldwide, you will need to travel at warp speed to get yours!

Star Trek Next Generation - The "Measure of a Man"


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