Witness the Caped Crusader in his first self-titled Batman comic book

Introducing the fourth release in our DC Comics Pure Silver Foil collection – Batman #1! Made from 35g fine silver, this unique foil features the Caped Crusader in his first self-titled comic book from 1940.

The first issue of the Batman comic book series was an anthology that contained five different and original stories — with the most notable being the retelling of Batman’s origins and the debut of two iconic Batman villains, The Joker and Catwoman. Written by Bill Finger and illustrated by Bob Kane, the comic book opens with a retelling of Batman’s origin story followed by the introduction of the Crown Prince of Crime, The Joker, and the villainess, Catwoman, presented in this issue as ‘The Cat’.

After the success of his first appearance in Detective Comics #27, Batman proved to be such a hit that he received his own solo series while continuing to star in Detective Comics. At present, there are less than 300 copies of Batman #1 in existence worldwide. With a 9.4 graded copy valued at approximately $800,000, it is one of the most valuable and highly sought-after comic books of all time.

This 35g fine silver collectible incorporates both colour and engraving and is presented in a sturdy acrylic holder, designed to frame the foil and allow for easy display. Packaged inside a complementary themed carrier, this makes the ultimate gift for any DC Comics, Super Hero or Batman fan.

With original copies scarce, don’t delay in placing your order before these disappear too!

Batman #1 - 35g Pure Silver Foil 


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