Which masterful manipulator appears on the new Star Wars Classic coins?

For the thirteenth release in our Star Wars Classic collection we couldn’t go past the tyrannical Emperor Palpatine™. As his alter ego Darth Sidious™ he transformed the galaxy into the Empire™, eliminating rivals and ruthlessly directing the Imperial™ war machine.

A masterful and patient manipulator, he carefully played countless people. His intelligence coupled with his desire for power makes him one of the most formidable villains you’ll encounter in fiction.

From relative anonymity he rose to become a chancellor who was granted emergency powers, disbanded a senate and built a secret military unlike any other. He ended the republic in favour of his own new order: one where he had unlimited power. He has been likened to many tyrants before him but, love him or hate him, you can’t dispute Palpatine’s commitment and follow through.

Each Emperor Palpatine coin, be it gold or silver, is delivered in high-quality Star Wars branded packaging – making them perfect for a Star Wars fan or coin collector.

Whether you’re pro-Empire or not, never fear, there’s one waiting for you!

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