First release in our NEW Reef Fish coin collection, the Triggerfish!

The Triggerfish 1oz Silver Coin is the first coin to be released in our spellbinding new collection – Reef Fish – which highlights delightful native reef fish species from around the world.

This exciting first release features the Triggerfish, which consist of 40 species of brightly coloured fish that typically inhabit tropical and subtropical oceans, particularly in the Indo-Pacific.

Oval-shaped and often marked with lines and spots, they can be found in relatively shallow, coastal habitats. They have large heads but small and strong-jawed mouths with teeth adapted for crushing shells. Their anatomy reflects their diet of slow-moving, bottom dwelling creatures such as crustaceans, mollusks, sea urchins and other echinoderms.

The Triggerfish are unique in that they exhibit a level of intelligence that is unusual among fish and possess the ability to learn from previous experiences.

This new coin artistically combines the exquisitely coloured Triggerfish amongst engraved coral in its native reef habitat. The design also incorporates an ultra-gloss effect to give the Triggerfish a unique ‘wet’ look.

 It is encased in an innovative perspex coin case, which frames the coin and allows for easy display. The packaging contains the uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity and the outer box has been designed to complement the reef theme.

With only 3,000 coins worldwide –don’t let this swim away!

Reef Fish Triggerfish - Blog Image


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