Second release in our Reef Fish coin collection, the Angelfish!

The charming second release in our illustrious Reef Fish collection features the fearless and inquisitive Angelfish, which are typically found in shallow reefs.  

Angelfish are among the most colourful inhabitants of coral reefs and can grow up to 12 inches. They are most well known for the bright colours and patterns on their bodies, which vary depending on the species of marine angelfish. These colours and patterns tend to change drastically as they get older, which indicates their position within the marine angelfish social hierarchy.

This 1oz silver coin skilfully illustrates the brightly coloured Angelfish amongst engraved coral in its native reef habitat. The design also incorporates an ultra-gloss effect to give the Angelfish a unique ‘wet’ look.

To highlight the coin’s unique design and to allow for easy display, it comes encased in a contemporary perspex coin case. The packaging contains the uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity and the outer box has been designed to complement the reef theme.

With only 3,000 coins available worldwide, this Angelfish 1oz Silver Coin would make a delightful gift for coin collectors and those interested in marine life. Dive in and grab yours now!

Reef Fish - Angelfish


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