Wildlife coin from the Central Bank of Nicaragua highlights the Ocelot

Issued by the Central Bank of Nicaragua, the fourth release in our exciting Wildlife of Nicaragua 1oz Silver Coin Collection highlights the Ocelot – a unique and captivating native species from the South American country.

A solitary wild cat, the Ocelot is the second largest spotted cat in South America, being twice the size of the average house cat. It possesses a golden coat marked with black rosettes, though each ocelot’s coat is unique with different patterns.

These largely nocturnal cats use keen sight and hearing to hunt rabbits, rodents, iguanas, fish, and frogs. They also take to the trees and stalk monkeys or birds. Unlike many cats, they do not avoid water and can swim well.

The coin design cleverly incorporates an elegant coloured image of the ocelot amongst intricate engravings of its native forest habitat.

This fourth release is presented in a modern wooden box featuring Nicaragua’s Coat of Arms. The coin can be found inside, nestled in a cream velvet alongside the numbered Certificate of Authenticity written in both English and Spanish. The outer box design is in keeping with the Nicaraguan wildlife theme.

With a limited mintage of only 5,000 coins worldwide – add this to your collection now.  

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