2018 Disney Princess Gemstone Coin Collection Ends with Snow White!

The 2018 Disney Princess Gemstone Coin Collection comes to an end with the fourth and final release. This gorgeous pure 1oz silver coin in the collection features the beautiful and kind-hearted Snow White from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – an iconic Disney classic.

This gorgeous coin features a graceful coloured image of Snow White in her iconic dress and hair bow. Her bodice sparkles with glitter. She is pictured holding a red apple. Her castle home and two forest deer are engraved in the background. A shimmering heart-shaped red gemstone adds to the coin’s allure, reflecting both Snow White’s appearance — with lips as red as a rose — and the poisonous apple.

To easily display your coin, it comes individually packaged in an acrylic coin case, which fits neatly inside the outer box themed with Snow White-inspired motifs. This unique precious metal keepsake is one Disney fans will, no doubt, want to display!

Like the three previous releases in the collection, this coin is strictly limited. You’ll need to be quick to complete your collection before they’re all sold out!

Disney Princess with Gemstone - Snow White 1oz Silver Coin


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