Series finale poster artwork features on the last Star Trek: The Next Generation Silver Coin Note

The end is nigh! The final coin in our Star Trek: The Next Generation Silver Coin Note Collection has released and features the series finale episode, “All Good Things…”.

After seven seasons, Star Trek: The Next Generation came to an end. In this final episode of the show, Captain Picard finds himself traveling between the past, present, and future while attempting to prevent the destruction of humanity... by his own actions.

One minute he's aboard the Enterprise, the next, he's twenty-five years in the future, working on his vineyard in France. Then suddenly he finds himself seven years in the past, being escorted aboard the Enterprise for the first time. While his crew suspects Picard of suffering from a debilitating mental disease, Picard struggles to convince them to investigate a spatial anomaly in the Neutral Zone that he believes to be related to his problem. Picard soon discovers that Q is responsible for his erratic time travels. Caught in a paradox that Q has devised, Picard realizes he must risk his life and the lives of his crew to save humanity.

This 5g pure silver coin note features the dramatic poster artwork for the season 7 episode. The Juan Ortiz design is further enhanced through the use of engraving and minimal colour printing, which allows the pure silver to shine through. The unique number in the mintage is printed on each note and it is packaged inside a Star Trek-themed protective sleeve.

It can also be displayed in a Star Trek: The Next Generation Collector’s Album, which is included with the purchase of the “Encounter at Farpoint, Pt. I” Silver Coin Note. The hardcover album features a page for each of the seven notes in the collection. Each page complements the corresponding silver note through the addition of a brief description for each episode featured.

The obverse of the note features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is legal tender in Niue.

With a worldwide supply of only 50,000, you will need to use warp speed to complete your collection!

Star Trek Next Generation - All Good Things


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