She is strong with The Force

Hot off the success of our Star Wars: A New Hope Silver Coin Note Collection, we are thrilled to present a second collection, featuring the seventh film in the franchise, The Force Awakens.

Naturally, the first silver coin note in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens Silver Coin Note Collection features the courageous, ReyTM.

Rey grew up on JakkuTM, seeking out a life as a scavenger and hoping that one day whoever had left her on the barren desert world would return. She learned how to survive, becoming a gifted mechanic, pilot and warrior.

Rey’s life changed when she encountered BB-8TM, a Resistance astromech carrying a star chart with a clue to the location of Jedi Master Luke SkywalkerTM. Forging an unlikely friendship with renegade Stormtrooper FinnTM, she escaped Jakku to find herself caught in a galactic war.

When Luke’s LightsaberTM called to Rey, she experienced a ForceTM vision. She rejected this call to destiny, but was captured by the dark side warrior Kylo RenTM, with whom she shared a strange connection. Kylo took Rey to Starkiller BaseTM, where he tried to understand her rapidly growing powers but she escaped and took up Skywalker’s Lightsaber – and the quest to find the Jedi MasterTM.

This first striking 5g pure silver coin note features a close up coloured image of ReyTM and a detailed engraving of the scene featuring Rey with her speedster, the movie’s logo and the Rebel AllianceTM starbird. The starbird symbol is most often spotted on pilots’ helmets and can also be seen on uniforms at the Resistance base in The Force Awakens. Interestingly, the design may have roots in the phoenix/starbird graffiti Sabine Wren leaves behind in Star Wars Rebels.

The unique number in the mintage is also printed on to the note and it is delivered inside a Star Wars themed protective sleeve. Details of the coin note’s authenticity are printed on the reverse of the sleeve.

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Collector’s Album is also included with the purchase of this first silver coin note. This hardcover album features a page for each of the seven notes in the collection - which will also include FinnTM, Leia OrganaTM & Han SoloTM, Kylo RenTM, Poe DameronTM, BB-8TM, and the StormtrooperTM. The album is Star Wars themed, with each page designed to complement the corresponding note - including a brief summary of the character’s contribution to the film.

The obverse of the silver note features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is legal tender in Niue.

With a strictly limited supply of only 50,000, be quick to order yours before the First OrderTM get their hands on them.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Rey


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