The striking Moorish Idol features on third Reef Fish coin

The delightful third release in our illustrious Reef Fish collection features the attractive and timid Moorish Idol, renowned for its disc-like shape and contrasting bands of black, white and yellow on its body.

It received its name from the Moors in Africa who believed the fish was a bringer of happiness. It is also commonly known in Hawaii as "Kihikihi" which means "curves," "corners," or "zigzags," and refers to its shape and colour pattern. It is the only member of the Zanclidae family and a very close relative of the Tangs or Surgeonfish. One of the most widespread fish, it can be found throughout the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, and all of the tropical Pacific.

Perhaps the most graceful of all marine fish, for many hobbyists, it also one of the most difficult fish to keep because it is so hard to feed. It is better admired in the ocean than in a home tank!

This 1oz silver coin artistically depicts the coloured Moorish Idol amongst engraved coral in its native reef habitat. The design also utilises an ultra-gloss effect to give the Moorish Idol a unique ‘wet’ look.

To allow for easy display and to accentuate the coin’s design, it comes presented in a contemporary perspex coin case. The packaging contains the uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity and the outer box has been designed to complement the reef theme.

With only 3,000 coins available worldwide, the Moorish Idol 1oz Silver Coin would make a highly collectible keepsake for coin collectors and those interested in marine life. Dive in and order yours!

Reef Fish - Morish


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