Fifth Star Wars: The Force Awakens Silver Coin Note depicts Poe Dameron.

Our Star Wars universe expands with the fifth release in The Force Awakens Silver Coin Note Collection, which features the dashing and valiant Resistance pilot, Poe DameronTM.

The son of rebel heroes, Poe DameronTM learned to fly as a boy on Yavin 4TM and became an ace pilot in the New Republic. He joined the Resistance and rose to the rank of Commander in the starfighter corps, becoming one of General Leia Organa’sTM most-trusted operatives.

Looking to locate Luke SkywalkerTM, Poe was given a scrap of an old star chart but was subsequently caught up in a First OrderTM attack. He hid the chart in his astromech, BB-8TM, telling the droid to flee. Poe was captured and interrogated by the ruthless Kylo RenTM, and might have died in First Order custody, but for a renegade StormtrooperTM designated FN-2187TM. Poe and FinnTM stole a TIE fighterTM but were shot down.

Managing to escape again, Poe re-joined the Resistance and led the starfighter raid on Starkiller BaseTM, firing the shots that destroyed the superweapon.

This Poe Dameron Silver Coin Note and the entire Star Wars: The Force Awakens Collection make a perfect keepsake for Star Wars fans. With 50,000 notes available worldwide, these are sure to take off! Order yours now.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Poe 5g Silver Coin Note

NZ Mint - Adding genuine value to your Star Wars Collection.


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