Most Recognisable Villain Strikes on New Silver Coin Note

We are beyond excited to introduce a new DC Comics silver coin note collection of BATMAN™ Villains. Naturally, the collection begins with one of the most recognizable and popular comic book villains in pop culture history, THE JOKER™. Unpredictable, violent and incredibly dangerous, he is chaos personified and has taken on everyone from his archenemy Batman to even the Man of Steel.

THE JOKER™ made his debut in Batman #1 in 1940. Whilst not as wise as Ra’s Al Ghul, as strong as Bane, or as entrepreneurial as The Penguin, it is his chaotic mind and ruthlessness that continuously challenges Batman.

His backstory is a mystery, and he has told different versions of it over the years, changing details big and small. Whether his true identity will be revealed is still a mystery.

Immortalised on a unique 5g silver coin note, the design features a montage of images synonymous with his love of chaos, cleverly incorporating both colour and engraving to allow the silver to shine.

Officially licensed, these are a limited edition with only 50,000 coin notes available worldwide. Each note has a unique serial number printed on it to confirm its authenticity. A very special, and affordable, precious metal collectible – no joke!

Batman Villains - Joker 5g Silver Coin Note

New Zealand Mint - Adding genuine value to your DC Comics Collection.

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