The Fastest Man Alive Immortalised on Pure Silver

Introducing the tantalising fifth release in our DC Comics Pure Silver Foil CollectionShowcase #4! Made from 35g fine silver, this unique foil commemorates the first Silver Age comic book from 1956, which featured the first appearance of BARRY ALLEN™, THE FLASH™. This iconic issue is also renowned for introducing Barry’s wife, IRIS WEST™.

Showcase #4, from October 1956, marked the dawn of a new era for the super hero genre. Considered the ‘Holy Grail’ of all Silver Age comics, this comic book’s significance and historical importance is unparalleled, noted for being an issue that may have saved the entire comic book industry from impending collapse as super heroes became an afterthought in post-war comic books. The striking cover by artists, Carmine Infantino and Joe Kubert, is also iconic, with many comic book artists through the years paying homage to the iconic artwork in their own works.

Because of its scarcity and importance in pop culture history, the value of Showcase #4 can run anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over $100,000, with the record sale being $180,000 for the only-known CGC 9.6 graded copy.

You can own a piece of history today by adding this striking precious metal collectible to your collection. We have even packaged it in an innovative acrylic holder for easy display!

Showcase #4

NZ Mint - Adding genuine value to your DC Comics collection.

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