She May Not Look Like Much But She’s Got It Where It Counts

Our 2oz silver Ultra High Relief Star Wars coins continues to stun with their size and incredible detail. This time it’s the turn of the infamous CorellianTM freighter, the Millennium FalconTM.

Despite her humble origins and shabby exterior, the Millennium Falcon has played a role in some of the greatest victories of the Rebel AllianceTM and the New RepublicTM. The Falcon looks like a worn-out junker, but beneath her hull she’s full of surprises. A succession of owners, including Lando CalrissianTM and Han SoloTM, have made special modifications that boosted the freighter’s speed, shielding and firepower to impressive – and downright illegal – levels.

The price of such tinkering? The Falcon can be unpredictable, with her hyperdrive particularly balky. Despite her flaws, she’s beloved by her owners – Han Solo and ChewbaccaTM spent years searching the galaxy for the ship they once called home, rejoicing when they finally reclaimed her.

Cutting edge minting techniques create the Ultra High Relief which allows the image to rise much higher than the face of the coin – creating a striking image of the Millennium Falcon taking flight.

Star Wars UHR Millennium Falcon


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