Long Live The Four Dragons!

The Chinese folklore of The Four Dragons features on the second release in the exhilarating new Mythical Dragons of the World Coin Collection struck in 2oz pure silver. Renowned for bringing rain and prosperity to the barren lands of China, the tale of The Four Dragons is said to depict the origins of the four great rivers of China.

This silver coin creatively illustrates the coloured and engraved dragons, along with a contrasting background between the barren and the prosperous land.

According to Chinese folklore, The Four Dragons lived in China at a time where there were no lakes or rivers, only the Eastern Sea. The lands were barren due to drought and the dragons took pity on the people struggling without any food to eat. Deciding to help the people, the dragons appealed to the Jade Emperor, who controlled the affairs of heaven and earth, to send rain, to which he agreed.

When no rain fell after ten days, The Four Dragons took it upon themselves to scoop up water out of the Eastern Sea and sprayed it toward the sky, allowing the water to fall on to the earth as rain. Displeased that they had gone against him, the Jade Emperor imprisoned the dragons under four mountains. Determined to continue to help the people, the dragons transformed themselves into four rivers, which became China’s four great rivers – the Heilongjian (Black Dragon), the Huanghe (Yellow Dragon), the Changjiang (Long Dragon), and the Zhujiang (Pearl Dragon).

The coin is delivered in book-style packaging in keeping with The Four Dragon theme. The Certificate of Authenticity is printed alongside the coin.

The obverse features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is legal tender in Niue.

The Four Dragons 2oz Silver Coin is limited to only 2,000 coins worldwide. A hot release, don’t let this one fly away.

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The four Dragons 2oz Silver Coin


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