GOTHAM CITY™’s Master Manipulator Immortalised in Pure Silver

The exciting BATMAN™ Villains Coin Note Collection continues with its fifth release in the collection. Featuring GOTHAM CITY™’s master manipulator, THE PENGUIN™.

THE PENGUIN™ is a super villain fuelled by a pathological rage that compels him to turn his odd physique, bird-like profile and awkward waddle into a well-dressed force for fear. No one knows more about what the evil forces of GOTHAM CITY™ are up to at any given moment than he and he uses that information to blackmail, intimidate and corrupt anyone he can, especially when it’s in the service of bringing down BATMAN™.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but they also say evil is as evil does. A master manipulator, THE PENGUIN is usually surrounded by violent henchmen who do his bidding without question. But when it comes down to a face-to-face, expect him to unleash a deadly barrage from a variety of umbrella weapons and other ingenious devices—often taking the form of fowl. And when all else fails, THE PENGUIN will fight as dirty as they come, hand to hand combat doesn’t ruffle his feathers at all.

Officially licensed, there are strictly only 50,000 coin notes available worldwide, making this a fantastic, and affordable, precious metal collectible for any DC Comics and THE PENGUIN fan –don’t waddle around.

BATMAN VILLAINS - The Penguin 5g Silver Coin Note

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