New Legendary Tales Collection Features Sinbad the Sailor!

Regarded as one of the most popular Arabian Nights tales, Sinbad the Sailor features on the second release in the stunning new Legendary Tales Coin Collection struck in 1oz pure silver and presented in complementary antique book-style packaging.

The folktale of Sinbad the Sailor is made up of several stories pertaining to his seven notable voyages. The Arabian Nights tale frames these shorter stories by introducing Sinbad the Sailor, to Sinbad the Porter, whom the former tells his tales to.

The tale begins with a tired and hungry Sindbad the Porter, who takes a break to rest on the bench outside a mansion. Sitting on the bench, he complains to Allah that it is not fair that some are so poor, and others enjoy luxuries. The owner of the house, Sinbad the Sailor, hears this and reaches out to him. The sailor tells the porter that he was also poor once and that he became wealthy only by fate and destiny. He then begins the narrative of the seven voyages that made him rich

This silver coin utilises engraving to illustrate the merchant, Sinbad, as he sails off on another voyage.

The Sinbad the Sailor 1oz Silver Coin is limited to only 3,000 coins worldwide. Order yours now before it sails away.

Sinbad The Sailor 1oz Silver Coin

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